The Financial Ladder: June 2007

The Financial Ladder
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Stressful Times...

Not much to report on the financial front. I've been working on a fairly large project at work that means many hours of work, but many hours of over time as well! The past few weeks has been sort of stressful. Our new son has some wise words from an infants perspective that applies to all ages. (click pic for sage advice) I've found myself scanning the realty sites looking for houses.

We're not 100% ready to buy a house, at least I'm not, but it's good to see where the market is at this point. I'll probably applying for a few pre-approvals and qualifications within the next several weeks just in case we spot a good deal. There are also a few things around the house that need to get done to make this place a little more appealing to any potential buyers.

The next net worth might sting a bit compared to the last one. The wife finally went back to work part time last week, and the disability checks will be a few weeks apart. I'm hoping the extra O.T. and recently sold ad space will help ease the pain a bit....

Friday, June 01, 2007

June Net Worth Snapshot...

Today's net worth snapshot falls on our new son's 6 week birthday. Six weeks later also means that my wife will be going back to work next week! But a month and a bunch of poopy diapers later, we finally seem to be getting back on track this month with our net worth increasing 2.87%, for a dollar total of $4,374.81.

Two big differences between this month over last month was that we finally started to receive disability checks for my wife's maternity leave, and there were no big credit card purchases. Seems the stock market helped the retirement accounts a bit and the loans are being paid down slowly but surely. We'd like to save as much as possible because we'd like to purchase a house within the next several months to a year.

With my wife going back to work part time until September, it should be slow going the next several months. Oh, and the breast feeding wasn't working out too well for us, so that was stopped about 3.5 weeks ago. We'll have to shell out extra money for formula in the next several months. I believe we save a bit of money on formula by using power instead of liquid though. That, and various coupons I've found through out the net.

That's it for now. Looks like it's my turn to feed the baby...



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